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Planning Application Services

We have years of experience with various types of planning applications primarily for residential developments and drainage. The services we provide include preparing drawings to the highest quality and submitting planning applications, ensuring compliance with regulations, and liaising with relevant authorities. Our approach to each project involves:

  1. Initial Consultation

  2. Site Analysis and Assessment

  3. Planning Strategy Development

  4. Application Preparation

  5. Submission and Follow-Up

  6. Regulatory Compliance

  7. Appeal and Representation

  8. Project Management Integration

Whatever your project involves, no matter how small, we can cater for your needs. 

House Plan Review
House Plan Review

Domestic Planning Applications

Residential applications we deliver for our clients include:

  • Extensions (outside permitted development)

  • Loft conversions

  • Remodel /change in use of structure e.g converting a kitchen into a bedroom. 

Drainage - Build Over Agreements

A build-over agreement is required when a new building or extension is planned over or close to a public sewer. The purpose of this agreement is to protect the integrity and functionality of the sewer system while allowing for necessary construction. 

If you have a manhole which you would like to relocate for the necessity of a project or for your own satisfaction, we provide the documents required for Thames Water Approval. 

Drainage Application

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