Geotechnical Design Services

We are able to provide foundation designs for residential and commercial applications. We liaise with geologists and building control officers to carefully understand the type of soil(s) are present for particular projects. We are able to assess nearby trees on foundations which can have a significant impact on the strength of the foundation soils and mitigate the associated risks in our designs.

All our foundation designs are carried out in accordance with Eurocodes and where applicable with NHBC standards. The code of practice places foundation designs into three categories: GC1 for small structures; GC2 for convectional structures and GC3 for large and unusual structures. GC1 designs can be performed using qualitative investigation and analysis as there is negligible risk. Geotechnical Categories 2 & 3 however require the investigation and analysis to be performed using quantitative methods which requires data of the soil(s) beneath the foundation locations. In most cases and certainly for large complex structures, this data will be obtained from the geologists who perform soil investigation testing which we use in the design procedure to accurately model the strength of the soil(s) bearing the foundation loads. 

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Shallow Foundation Designs

The type of foundations included in this category are:

  • Strip/trench foundations - typically for supporting the loads transferred by the walls in a building ;

  • Pad foundations - primarily used for columns where large concentrated loads must be spread so the soil can bear the applied pressures(s) and;

  • Raft foundations - typical applications are for residential buildings supporting walls and floor slabs.

Deep Foundations

This category constitutes the design of pile foundations. 

Piles are required where the loads transferred by columns/walls are significant in a building and the soil properties have weak strength. As shallow foundations are limited by depth, typically by 3m, due to impracticality), pile foundations are known to go 25m deep below ground level.

Pile foundations are the most appropriate type of foundations for medium to high rise building structures. 


Retaining Walls

Weather you are renovating your garden or working on a new project that involves retaining earth soil materials, are can provide you with the most economic solution to achieve your goals. 

We can provide designs for the following types of retaining walls: 

  • Gravity retaining walls;

  • Cantilevered retaining walls including King Posts;

  • Sheet pile retaining walls;

  • Anchored retaining walls and;

  • Manufactured retaining wall products.


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