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Geotechnical Design Services

The services we provide encompass a range of activities aimed at assessing the subsurface conditions, analyzing the stability of foundations, and mitigating potential risks associated with ground movements. By offering specialized expertise in soil mechanics, foundation engineering, and geotechnical site investigations, we are able to ensure the safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness of structures. 

Concrete spread foundation

Shallow Foundation Designs

Shallow foundation services are essential for the successful construction of buildings and structures to support the loads of the structure and transfer them to the underlying soil. Shallow foundations are commonly used when the soil near the surface has sufficient bearing capacity to support the loads from the structure. Our services include the following:

  • Site Investigation and Soil Analysis - Before designing a shallow foundation, a thorough site investigation and soil analysis are conducted. This involves assessing the soil properties, such as its bearing capacity, settlement characteristics, and potential for expansion or contraction. 

  • Foundation Design - Based on findings from the site investigation, our engineers will confirm whether or not a shallow foundation will be suitable for the given project based on building loads, soil properties, and local building codes.

  • Construction Sequences - Once the design is finalized, construction of the shallow foundation begins. To aid the contractors, fulfill the local regulations and ensure a smooth transition to the construction phase, we can offer  detailed method statement &  risk assessments.

The typical types of shallow foundations we design include:

  • Strip/trench foundations

  • Pad foundations 

  • Raft foundations

Deep Foundations

Group piles

Deep foundation services are essential in structural engineering for providing support to heavy structures, transferring loads to deeper, more competent strata, and mitigating settlement issues. These services encompass a range of techniques and technologies designed to ensure the stability and safety of structures. The deep foundation elements that we we provide design services for include:

  • Pile Foundations - Pile foundations are one of the most widely used deep foundation solutions. They involve driving or drilling long, slender structural elements (piles) into the ground to support the structure.

  • Underpinning - Underpinning is a deep foundation method used to strengthen or stabilize an existing foundation that has become compromised due to soil subsidence, inadequate design, or changes in loading conditions. This technique involves extending the foundation depth or width to transfer the structure’s load to more stable soil layers.

Pile foundations
Retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures designed to hold back soil or other materials and prevent them from collapsing or sliding down a slope. They are commonly used in construction and landscaping projects to create level areas or to prevent erosion. During the site investigation, our geotechnical engineers will consider the following to determine the most efficient and practical solution: 

  • Soil conditions

  • Construction methods

  • Drainage

  • Impact on surrounding areas.

We provide designs for the following types of retaining walls: 

  • Gravity retaining walls;

  • Cantilevered retaining walls including King Posts;

  • Sheet pile retaining walls;

  • Anchored retaining walls and;

  • Manufactured retaining wall products.

Gravity retaining wall

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